According to my father my self worth and self respect is based on whether I am a virgin or not.

Ocean Avenue
Artist: Yellowcard
Album: Ocean Avenue
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I think of the way my mother held me as I shook after
I found out I wasn’t the only woman who lied in your bed.
I think of the way I peeled myself open for you,
layer by layer,
until there was nothing more to show you after
all the nights I told you I was too scared to let anyone
close enough to hear the beat of my heart.
The way you had every intention of cutting open my raw skin
after you knew it had taken me years to sew myself back together.
The way you took everything and threw it away for a
girl who could never love you half as much as I could.
I wasn’t even worth a four dollar toll over a bridge but she
was worth a thirty dollar ticket to the aquarium.
Was she worth a 4am fuck where I used to wake up to your hazel eyes?
You told me I was the one to blame.
Don’t tell me you loved the fuck out of me.
Because you never loved me.
Because bravery was lying naked next to you honest.
Bravery was walking away from a coward.
Even if I loved him.
Coward. -(the-light-between-two-oceans) I still remember the green of every stoplight on the way to your house (via the-light-between-two-oceans)